Snap: A truly slick feature in Windows 10

Press Windows logo key + V to access the clipboard. The Print Screen button on your keyboard can take a screenshot and save it as a file, take a screenshot without saving it as a file, or take a screenshot of only one window . On the screen that you want to capture a screenshot of, press the PrtScn key. Some keyboards may have a dedicated button for this while others may need you to press the Function key in order to access PrtScn.

  • Because of that, staying offline as much as possible is a good idea.
  • Scoped Storage narrows storage access permissions to encourage apps to only request access to the specific file, types of files, directory, or directories they need, depending on their use case.
  • I use P monitors and the Book 2’s 4K screen every day at work.
  • TPM is basically a hardware security processor in modern PCs.

If you can’t find the snipping tool in Windows 10, take a look at this easy to follow guide to help you get back on track immediately. If you want to keep all your screenshots nicely organized in a single folder, we suggest that you try this method. If you want to create just a screenshot of your current window, you can do so by using Alt + PrtScn shortcut.

How do you split a screen on a laptop?

However, you might not receive updates after that, as you’ll be considered to be in an unsupported state. Windows 11 is a free update for Windows 10 users, and that’s not meant to be temporary like the original Windows 10 upgrade was. Unfortunately, the system requirements are higher for Windows 11. There’s no more 32-bit support, and older CPUs won’t be supported.

To prevent this, we recommend buying a monitor with a glare reducing surface, which will make the screens easier to see and will be easier on your eyes. Additionally, as mentioned above we recommend a monitor with a narrow bezel and black border as it is space-saving and increases visibility among other advantages. After snapping the window to either the left or right using Snap Assist, the vacant area on the opposite side will list all other available windows that can be selected to fit that space. This concludes our very short tutorial on how to split screens with keyboard combinations in Windows 10. Questions or remarks are always welcome in the comments below. The culprit that causes the application windows to flood the edges of the two screens instead of closing them is that they move across the screens too quickly.


In this guide, we will highlight the new features and improvements available with version 20H2. Windows 10 S is Microsoft’s answer to the success of Google’s Chromebooks in the education sector. Chromebooks are affordable laptops that run Google’s Chrome OS, which is an operating system built around Driversol the search company’s Chrome browser and is limited to web apps and some Android apps. Windows 10 S will only be available on new machines for the foreseeable future, and won’t be available as a separate version of Windows users can upgrade with or install as with Windows 10 Pro.

Other highlighted upgrades include instant resumption after your computer wakes up and a redesigned Windows Subsystem settings menu. You’ll also be able to manage smart home tech from the Android app on the desktop, rather than relying on your phone – provided it’s available in the Microsoft Store. Of course, there is an alternative that allows you to download Google Play Store apps instead. It features a grid of customisable ‘Pinned’ icons, with separate ‘All apps’ section for everything else you have installed. Apple has posed a threat to the Windows ecosystem by introducing Mac computers that run its own Arm-based M1 chips, which boast more impressive battery life than Intel-based PCs. Microsoft and other PC makers have come out with Arm-based Windows 10 computers, but software compatibility issues have made the machines hard for reviewers to recommend.

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