Dr. Ismail Hussein Aziz

◌ General Secretary

  • Date of birth : 5-sep.- 1966
  • Specialization : Molecular Genetics 
دكتور اسماعيل حسين عزيز


General Manger (Genome Group for Clinical and Research Services )


a- Academic:

B.sc. in Biology college of science – Mousil university –  IRAQ  1989

b- Post graduate:

M.sc. in Biotechnology college of science –Baghdad university –IRAQ  1995

Baghdad university –IRAQ   2006                  

c-Ph.D in Genetic engineering and Biotechnology  –


1- Major Biotechnology techniques.

2- Molecular genetics techniques.

3- PCR techniques.

4- Gel electrophoresis .

5- Computer skills


1- Research assistant                  1992-1995            Baghdad university.

2-Lecturer                                    1995-1996             Baghdad  university.

3- scientific researcher             1996-2004            Cancer and medical genetic Center.

4- Lecturer                                  2004- 2010            Baghdad university.

5- Head of Dept.                        2010-  2014            Genetic engineering Institute, Baghdad university

6- Assist. Prof                             2012-                       Genetic engineering Institute, Baghdad university

7- Associate Dean                      2019-                       Genetic engineering Institute, Baghdad university


1-Cloning and expression of bovine prolactin gene in E.coli . 1997. Direst (Jordan). Vol.24, 68-72.

2-Single tube osmotic fragility as a screening test for thalassaemia triat in IRAQ.Fourth scientific Conference of Nahreen university-Medical college.Nov 1998.

3- Breast cancer :Epidemilogical and genetic factors.2002.The Nucleus (India).Vol.xxxxv,No.1,2 Aug ., 44-     .

4- Glutathione s- transferase (gsts) genetic polymorphisms among breast and bladder cancer patients in Iraq. 2006.Ibn Al-Haitham journal for science and technology( Jordan). Vol 1.No.2 January., 55-59.

5- Genetic polymorphisms of Glutathione s- transferase (gsts) genes among Iraqi population . 2009. Basrah Journal for Science,Vol 35,No 1

6- The role of SRY gene in some ambiguity  cases.(2007).Egyptian –German union of life science.ISSN 1110-5421.

7- Detection of liprospirosis using PCR  in Animal samples. 2009.2nd Conference of Genetic engineering and Biotechnology Institute, Baghdad University.

8-Polymorphisms of CYP1B1 gene and the risk of endometrial cancer in Iraqi women.(2013). Babylon university journal . Volume 21

9- CTLA4 gene polymorphisms associated with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) type 1 in Iraqi population. (2012).

10- Pyocin – based molecular typing of local isolates of Pseudomonas aeroginosa isolated from blood samples. (2013) . Iraqi Journal of Medical science. Vol

11- Detection of LT and ST in E.coli  From UTI samples using multiplex PCR. (2013).Journal of Iraqi center for cancer and medical genetics.(in process)

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13-Demographic study of hypodontia in samples of Iraqi patients.(2014).Vol 2,issue 8.

14- Molecular study of staph. Aureus using RFLP technique of coa gene.(2015).Iraqi journal of biotechnonlogy (in process).

15-Genetic variants of k-casein gene in Iraqi buffalo breed assay using PCR-RFLP

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tics . vol 3 No. 2  : 12-17

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21- Genetic Variation in Women with Insulin resistance .(2015). Cellular and molecular biology, pharmaceutical and food science . Int. conference ,Istanbul : 135-139

22- Genetic polymorphism of CYP11B2 gene in high blood pressure Iraqi patients .(2015).World journal of pharmaceutical sciences .Vol (4). Issue 10  issue 10 :

23-Genetic polymorphism of Angiotensinogen gene in high blood pressure patients.(2015). World journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences .Vol 4,

24- Inhibition of genotoxicity effect for anthracene in lymphocyte in vitro using filtrate lactobacillus acidophilus . European journal of biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences.(2016) .Vol3,issue 11 , 15-22

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26- Detection of subgrouping of Enterobacter cloacae n Iraqi UTI patients. (2017). First conference for biological science , college of women for science , Baghdad university.

27- Molecular evaluation of MMP9 n Iraqi breast cancer patients.(2016). International joural of advanced research .

28- genetic analysis of coagulation factor IX (FIX) gene in a sample of haemophilia B.(2017).Iraqi journal of Biotechnology , vol 16 No. 4 p: 47-54.

29-  Investigation of the inherited mutation related to inversion process of intron 22 in a sample of Iraqi patients with hemophilia A (2017). Pakistan journal of biotechnology Vol 14 , No. 4ovel mutation related with Von Willebrand disease in Iraqi patients .(2017). Journal of global pharma technology . ISSN : 0975-8542.

30 – Molecular study of N-rash gene  among Iraqi colorectal cancer patient .(in process ). Biochemical and cellular archives (published in 2019).

31 – correlation of LIF and glycodelin A in prediction of embryo implantation of infertile women with and without PCOS. ( in process ). Journal of global pharma technology.

  1. 32. role of progesterone associated endometrial protein gene variation on implantation rate following IVF program in PCOS women. (in process ). Biochemical and cellular archives.

33 – Polymorphism of Angiotensin converting enzyme gene in a sample of Iraqi hypertensive patients and its association with body mass index .( in process ). Biochemical and cellular archives.

Training :

Participation in scientific meeting about the Strength of forensic DNA typing in Iraq hold on August 2008 Irbid-Jordan organized by Civilian Research and  Development Foundation-USA (CRDF) and Princess Haya Centre of Biotechnology/Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST).

  1. Participation in scientific meeting about the rescue of forensic DNA typing in Iraq hold in December 2006 Petra-Jordan supervised by Iraqis, Jordanian, American and British scientists and specialists.
  2. Participation in Training course about molecular detection of pathogens, organized by Civilian Research and Development Foundation-USA (CRDF) and Jordan University of Sciences and technology, 2006 supervised and run by some of American scientists.
  3. Training course about pathogen – host interaction in Atomic agency – Syrai  4-14 feb. 2008 

 5- Participation in training course  of forensic DNA typing in -Jordan supervised by CRDF,USA. 2009

6- Participation in training course  of forensic DNA( DNA result analysis and interpretation) typing in –Jordan and Saint Joseph University ,Lebonan. supervised by CRDF,USA. 16-28 March 2010.

7- Participation in training course  of forensic DNA( DNA result analysis and interpretation) in Jordan. supervised by CRDF,USA. 24 Sept-8 Oct 2010.

8- Application of human Y chromosome and mtDNA in forensic and anthropological investigation. Basrah university college of science 4- 8 /11/ 2012.

9- Iraqi pathogen detection and gap analysis for sustainable capability development. (30 july-1 Aug,2015)Amman,Jordan. Collaboration Training and workshop Los Alamos National Laboratory and public health and Veterinary laboratories.


  1. Design Apparatus to elute DNA from agarose .1997. IQC.
  2. Stimulate neuclated cell in vitro by electric field . 2001 .IQC.
  3. Published 30 new sequence of PCOS mutation in Iraq in Data base. (2015)
  4. New methods for HPV detection in cervical carcinoma ( 2017)
  5. Use new inversion region in Intron 22 of Factor 8 gene as a tool for detection of heamophilia A patients


  1. Golden medal , 2017 Romania – Euro invention exhibition
  2. Golden medal , 2017 Germany – Invention Exhibition
  3. Golden medal , 2019  Moscow, Russia – 22 Moscow salon of invention
  4. Golden Medal of creative , 2019 4th international conference of genetic engineering Institute – University of Baghdad .  


   10     Ph.D student

   11    Msc student

    16   Higher diploma student



Mother tongue    :  Arabic                                    

Other                     :  English


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