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The Iraqi Society for Molecular Biology and Genetics is holding a workshop on the latest developments of covid-19, and the workshop will include a ceremony honoring the elites and scientific competencies in the field of molecular biology and genetics in honor of their scientific efforts over the past years.

Iraqi Society for Molecular Biology and Genetics

It was established by Ministerial Order No. (B T / 9336) on (30-9-2019) – Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research


Our Mission

      The Society’s mission is to advance the science of molecular biology and genetics and to promote the understanding of the molecular nature of life processes through:

  • Publication of scientific and educational journals;
  • Organization of scientific meetings;
  • Advocacy for funding of basic and advance research and education;
  • Support of science education and research at all levels; And promoting the diversity of individuals entering the scientific workforce.
  • The Department of Medical Laboratories was established in specialties (Molecular Biology and Genetics) aim to :
  1. Interested in contributing to the development of medical examinations
  2. Trying to develop staff working in medical laboratories
  3. Covering the activities and events that serve the development of medical laboratories in privet and government sectors
  4. To benefit from the international experience that we seek to cooperate with the specialized international federations by officially joining it and representing Iraq.

The Iraqi Society of molecular biology and genetics (ISMBG) is a
nonprofit scientific and educational organization about 200 members
 (Established in late 2019 – Beginning of 2020)

We seek to achieve international cooperation with other institutions in the research aspect in order to find solutions to the most important health challenges and problems facing the international community, through joint research and our relations with health institutions inside Iraq.


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Objectives of Iraqi Society of molecular biology and genetics (ISMBG):

1- Supporting students and researchers in the field of molecular biology and genetics

2-Supporting state institutions academically and scientifically in this field through joint activities and exchanging insights and ideas in this field.

3- Keeping pace with the scientific development in the field of molecular biology and genetics.

4 – Contribute to the provision of advice and the formation of joint committees with the competent authorities to take appropriate decisions in this specialization (molecular biology and genetics) in the government and private sector.

5- Also, We aim to:

  • Society Governance
  • ISMBG Meetings (inside and outside of Iraq)
  • Advocacy and Public Affairs
  • Patents
  • Researchs
  • Our Publications
  • Supporting medical laboratory activity

Means to achieve the objectives

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1- Forming a consultant office to support students and researchers in the field of genetics and molecular biology to provide students with all that is new (Update in this fields ) and important to them. 2 – Holding conferences, seminars, workshops and other activities periodically inside and outside our country. 3 – Forming specialized committees to coordinate with government institutions, the private omg sector and other organizations in order to achieve the strategies of the Assembly inside and outside of Iraq.

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